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ALERT! The Golden Babies have arrived…J-LO delivers

No not another album (THANK GOD!) but 2 beautiful babies a little after midnight on February 22, 2008. In a penthouse section of a Long Island hospital that I will not disclose (because unlike the rest I respect people just a bit more!). Apparently it’s like a 4 fire alarm (called code pink, how mission impossible) in that hospital and it is locked down like a virgin in chastity belt in medieval times. Miss Lock (which is the name she signed in with…Heather Lock that is LOL might as well just add LEAR to the end of that and throw everyone of track).

Names have not been disclosed yet but they are under Baby Lock 1 and Baby Lock 2. The girl was born first (what do you expect from this Leo mom?) and 25 minutes later the boy came out singing like his father waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! It was all done through C-Section (I wouldn’t want to mess the one true platinium thing I got either). That’s right TWINS, a boy and a girl. Marc was there and it goes without saying, my source tells me that he was what every man should be when his woman is having his baby, calm, helpful, supportive, protective and alert. That man may look scrawny but apparently his muscle is where it should be, in his pants…2 doctors were there to deliver, Dr. Sadaty and Dr. Rifkin. The names of babies are not disclosed to anyone but they are reportedly beautiful and healthy.

As if they don’t already have millions just from being born, J-Lo reportedly wants 2-4 million in exchange for pictured of the babies from whatever  mag will do it…I guess if all my other ventures were less fruitful than they used to be I’d try to keep my empire afloat too! SLAP!

 I wish Mr. and Mrs. Anthony nothing but the best…