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And so it begins…

Click, click, click…That’s all I hear as I peruse the vast and hypnotizing world wide web. Then it hit me. I can write just as well if not better than the Perez Hilton’s and what’s his Dlisted face of the world…Why not keep people in touch with the latest trends, scandals, music (or lack of it, trust me I work at a very big label, I know the deal) and just misdealings and wrong turns on this path we call life by celebrities, wannabees and regular people like you and me.

Thus, REALITY SLAP©, was born.

I am not here to judge…afterall I am no angel (and every weekend I realize it a little more ;P)

BUT I am here as the title says to Slap a fool into Reality…Someone has to be honest and I vote myself into that office. Be on the look out for the first official blog out next week. Until then, don’t be afraid to give that person a…